Tropical Cyclone Winston, Fiji – MMM Deploys Team

Cyclone Winston, the largest storm to ever occur in the Southern Hemisphere, made landfall in Fiji on Saturday, February 20th.

Direct Relief International reached to Mammoth Medical Mission for our support services and aided in our deployment. A small, nimble medical team consisting of doctors, nurses, medics and support staff headed to Fiji and then integrated into the local Emergency Operations Command to work under regional medical directors. As a self-supported team, including food, shelter and supplies for treating patients, the team will leave the city centers and focus on outer lying area where support assistance is just beginning to arrive. On the ground partnerships, supplies coordinated by Direct Relief and a team from across the US show just how import it is to have many hand working together in response to disaster relief.
We will share updated here and through social media. The first update is the below file from the Western Regional EOC which outlines the known losses of life, immediate needs and the general structure of the regional medical response.