Packing List

Specifically for Typhoon/Hurricane for ~ 1 week

1 cargo/protective pant
1 light weight pant (breathable, like a hiking pant)
1 pair of leggings to layer if cold
1 pair of shorts
~12 pairs of socks – wool preferable (it’s nice to change ~twice daily)
7 pairs Underwear (1/day – do not expect a chance to wash them)
1 Wool shirt
~2 other shirts – synthetic> cotton if raining/wet/hot
1 long sleeved shirt
1 rain jacket/poncho
1 pair protective/work gloves
1 pair work boots/hiking boots or durable/comfortable shoes (running shoes are a little thin for walking over debris)
1 pair flip flops (to change into)
1-2 bras – sport bras recommended
personal Hygiene items
1 Thermorest or pad (or hammock)
Sleeping bag LINER (a down sleeping bag would be too hot and would potentially get wet)
(MMM will likely bring tents or tarps)
Other (do not bring excessive amounts, assume everyone is bringing for themselves):
1L personal water bottle
Toiletries – minimal for decrease in weight/size
Chamoix or small towel
Ear plugs
Eye mask
Bug repellent
Wet wipes
Extra zip lock baggies
Toilet paper
Notebook – waterproof ideal
Travel insurance – consider
Copy of passport
Phone – optional, consider an international plan
Remember to keep it as small and light as possible. Assume that you will not be bathing and clothing can be worn multiple times. Assume that it will be wet as well and that wool or synthetic clothing usually works better than cotton.
Ask your trip director about food and shelter plans.