Why Is It Popular To Buy Medicines Online?

Why Is It Popular To Buy Medicines Online There is a surge in e-commerce these days. The popularity of online shopping has also affected the pharmaceutical industry. The concept of online pharmacies and online drug sales has been popular around the world for over two decades.

Why are online pharmacies popular?

One of the most significant advantages of online pharmacies is their more favorable pricing policy, which is achieved by reducing the share of overhead costs as Trusted Tablets Pharmacy did.

In addition, online pharmacies offer comfortable access to medicines for people with limited mobility or those living in remote areas. It is also important to provide customers with various personalized services (for example, a reminder to purchase drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases), the availability of discounts, the ability to deliver an order to your home within a short period.

Among other things, an important feature of online pharmacies is anonymity. Keeping confidentiality allows customers to feel more comfortable when purchasing a drug or receiving advice by e-mail, video communication and other services provided by such pharmacies.

Beware of scammers

In 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), together with Interpol and 200 law enforcement agencies around the world, launched a global action against illegal online pharmacies, which resulted in the arrest of 237 people and the closure of more 10,600 illegal websites.

It also created a program to fight pharmaceutical crime, which is supported by major pharmaceutical companies. In the United States, well-known and recognized sites such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google only allow advertisements in online pharmacies that are accredited by the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program. Credit card companies, including VISA, reject payments at online pharmacies that are not VIPPS certified.

These serious concerns about illegal online pharmacies stem from the fact that illegal pharmaceutical practices are associated with a range of health risks for consumers. Among them, the sale of counterfeit or falsified drugs poses a particular danger. Taking these medications is not safe. In addition, illegal online pharmacies facilitate the illegal distribution of drugs and other controlled substances.

However, despite the existing risks, the global online pharmacy market, led by North America and Europe, is actively developing. Around the world, various models of control over the sale of medicines via the Internet are being formed. In many ways, the structure of these models depends on the regulatory, economic and cultural characteristics of an individual country.

Online booking of medications

Customers of online pharmacies almost never use delivery. With the advent of distance selling drugs, the main option that users choose is still online booking.

In total, last year, Americans bought drugs remotely for 72 billion dollars, but only a fifth of them came from orders with delivery. Online trade last year accounted for 6.6% of the total pharma market, which is 2% more than a year earlier, when drugs could not be ordered at home.

The popularity of pre-ordering is explained by the fact that a person found the necessary drug in the pharmacy that is either convenient for him on the way home, or he is satisfied with the price, because prices in online pharmacies can vary and this difference can be up to 30%.

Also, the popularity of pre-booking is due to the fact that, since online pharmacies now do not keep large stocks, therefore, to be sure that this drug will be waiting for its consumer at any convenient time, the pharmacy gives about 24 hours to store this order. As for the delivery service, why today it is the same popular than pre-order, precisely for the reason that we have an electronic prescription, companies are able to deliver prescription drugs.

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