Mammoth Medical Missions Standing Down – Hurricane Patricia, Mexico

To all of our volunteers and supporters:

Thank you for your quick response and for your preparation thus far. Based on information from the Mexican government, Direct Relief International (, and our local contacts in the affected areas of Mexico, there is NOT a need for a medical relief mission at this time. The local hospitals are intact and the major roads providing access to them as well. So far there are no reported fatalities.

Already for Mexico and for Mammoth Medical Missions, this potential disaster demonstrated huge success. Fortunately, the storm decreased in power before landfall on a relatively underpopulated region of Mexico, and after mass evacuations. For MMM, through our contact database and social media, we had nearly 50 volunteers willing to provide disaster relief in less than 6 hours after we had a formal request to assemble a team. Our volunteers included general surgeons, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists, physicians assistants, registered nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and other medical and operations specialists.

Your willingness to help as well as your preparation at home will make us better, faster, and more efficient for future deployments. Mammoth Medical Missions will continue to cultivate relationships with other disaster response organizations as well as countries at risk for serious disasters. We again THANK YOU and urge you to continue to prepare and educate yourselves prior to future disasters – it’s not IF but WHEN.

Things you can do at this point: make a mental note about successes and challenges mobilizing for this deployment. Make personal packing lists and task lists – for example: who can watch your children or pets at short notice. Leave a “Go Bag” packed so that you are always ready. If you unpack, make a list of your items as you do so, and consider the weight and necessity of every item.

Lastly, having your complete and current personal and professional information streamlines our team assembly process. If you haven’t submitted your full info in the past year, please take 15 minutes to do so on our website:

Feel free to contact us with any further questions or suggestions, Again, Thank you, Sierra Bourne MD and Mammoth Medical Missions

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